Hidden Valleys showcases the beauty and diversity of the best of Wisconsin -- highlighting cultural attractions, events, scenery, outdoor recreation, agriculture, and heritage of nine counties in the southwestern corner of the state. We invite you to discover Hidden Valleys... a great place to work, live or visit!


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The roads of Crawford County follow the rhythm of the land, winding past farms and orchards clustered in its deeply cut valleys and high rolling ridges.

Nestled between the Mississippi to the west & the Wisconsin River on the north, Grant County is filled with an abundance of creeks, rivers and more trout streams than any other Wisconsin county.

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Scenic rural roads take you off the beaten path and through mile after mile of the magnificent Iowa County countryside.

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Geographical diversity is a hallmark of Juneau County. From sand country to hill country, from northern forests to the unglaciated “driftless area,” Juneau County boasts beautiful and scenic landscapes. 


Originally an area rich in lead mining, today’s Lafayette County offers unparalleled opportunities for history, scenic beauty, and outdoor activities.


Historic bike trails with cavernous tunnels, an Amish community, cranberry bogs, and the scenic beauty of an unglaciated area make Monroe County an area rich in memorable impressions. 

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Located halfway between La Crosse and Madison, Richland County is a land of steeply wooded hillsides and lush valleys in an unglaciated area of southwestern Wisconsin.

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